Tips To Keep Your Vegas Wedding Speedy AND Memorable

When people think of Vegas weddings, they often think of ceremonies led by Elvis impersonators or people getting married on roller coasters. While those are certainly part of what makes the city so popular – and Vegas is never short of unique ways to tie the knot – it's the ease of getting married in Las Vegas that's made it the Marriage Capital of the World.  If you've decided to get married and you want to do it right away, Las Vegas is a great choice.

3 Excellent Ways To Incorporate More Flowers Into Your Wedding

When decorating for a wedding, wedding flowers are an absolute must. They add beauty and color to your already gorgeous decorations and they are the perfect finishing touch. While you may have thought to use your flowers as centerpieces and in your bouquet, there are actually so many other amazing places to use your wedding flowers. This article will discuss 3 excellent ways to incorporate more flowers into your wedding.

Planning Your Out Of Town Wedding Getaway

If you and your fiancé have decided on getting married out of town, it can be challenging to make sure every detail is attended to. When you get married local, it's easy to make multiple visits to your florist or caterer to go over changes and last minute additions to your to-do list. When you are getting married out of town—especially on short notice with no real game plan, there are some risks involved.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips To Save You Headaches

Your wedding day will be one of the few days that you will remember in clear detail for the rest of your life. This will also probably be one of the days where the most photographs are taken of you, and not surprisingly, most people want to look their absolute best for this day. Unfortunately, wedding dresses can be large investments, and it should be no surprise that many people find buying this garment to be somewhat stressful.

Plan A Memorable Wedding Reception That Won't Break The Bank

Plan a memorable wedding reception in your yard without spending exorbitant amounts of money. Rent a small event tent to accommodate you and your guests. With a few added features, your get together will be one that people look back on fondly. Dance Floor Rent a piece of flooring to set up inside of your tent. Wedding and party rental companies offer floors that are made out of durable materials and that are able to support a large amount of weight.