Bridal Gowns: Joining The Trend Of "Trash That Dress" And Still Have A Keepsake

A bizarre new trend in the world of bridal gowns has brides completely trash their wedding dresses. Since your wedding gown is probably the most expensive dress you will ever buy and/or wear, it gives you pause as to why anyone would do this. Sometimes it is fun, and sometimes it helps blow off steam from all of the stressful wedding preparations. Other brides do it so that if any careless wedding attendee spills food or alcohol on them, the brides will not have to sit and mourn the damage of their gowns.

Having His Cake And Eating It Too — A Quick Guide To Groom's Cakes

Just about any bride has spent at least some time planning what the wedding cake will look and taste like. But, what about the other wedding cake? This is a groom's cake. Not sure what that is or if you need to be shopping for one? Here's a quick primer to this fun addition to any wedding week. What Is It? And Where Did It Come From? A groom's cake actually has roots in Victorian England, where it was tradition to have more wedding cakes than are presented today.

You're Engaged: Keep The Budget Under Control By Renting Key Items

Your significant other finally popped the question, and you said yes. Now that the excitement has worn off, it's time to face the cold reality that weddings can be downright expensive. If your budget doesn't quite fit the vision you had for your wedding, don't be discouraged. You don't have to settle for less. You can have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the budget. All you have to do is rent instead of buy.

Tips To Keep Your Vegas Wedding Speedy AND Memorable

When people think of Vegas weddings, they often think of ceremonies led by Elvis impersonators or people getting married on roller coasters. While those are certainly part of what makes the city so popular – and Vegas is never short of unique ways to tie the knot – it's the ease of getting married in Las Vegas that's made it the Marriage Capital of the World.  If you've decided to get married and you want to do it right away, Las Vegas is a great choice.

3 Excellent Ways To Incorporate More Flowers Into Your Wedding

When decorating for a wedding, wedding flowers are an absolute must. They add beauty and color to your already gorgeous decorations and they are the perfect finishing touch. While you may have thought to use your flowers as centerpieces and in your bouquet, there are actually so many other amazing places to use your wedding flowers. This article will discuss 3 excellent ways to incorporate more flowers into your wedding.