The Pros And Cons Of Using A Wedding Venue Package

Are you considering using a wedding venue package for your nuptials? These bundles of services can be a great way to get married, but they aren't for everyone. How can you decide if a package arrangement is right for you? Here are a few key pros and cons. 

The Pros of a Wedding Package

The biggest positive aspect of this style is that much of the wedding planning work is taken care of by others. The venue generally will have a preset amount of options from which to choose and will provide staff to execute the plan. You won't be choosing vendors, paying people, and narrowing down a myriad of choices. If you aren't enamored of all the detail work that a wedding generally requires, this is the best way to let others handle it. 

Many packages are also a cost savings. When you factor in all that is entailed — often including hotel rooms, venue, rentals, flowers, photographer, and officiant — a couple often comes out ahead versus what they would pay for each item individually. How much or how little you want bundled into your package is often negotiated and will affect how good a deal each package is. 

The Cons of a Wedding Package

The main "con" of such a package lies in that same fact that you cede a good deal of control over the wedding plans. If you're a person who has planned for their wedding day since childhood, who loves to save things to idea boards, and who can't wait to drive around checking out all the options, a prepared package might not be for you. Of course, each venue does offer choices, so you aren't giving over total control to the venue. 

Packages are also often based on a certain type of wedding and number of guests. Resort hotels might specialize in smaller, destination weddings while traditional venues are set up for big parties. If you don't want the usual wedding traditions — such as a big reception, a wedding cake, or a sit-down dinner — you may find yourself paying for things you hadn't planned to use. 

What qualities of wedding packages appeal most to you? If the benefits of getting help with your big day outweigh the need to yield control over some aspects of it, this could be the perfect choice. If not, your best bet is to create the particular day that you really want. Whatever you opt for, your wedding day will certainly be a magical memory for all time.