Getting Married? Two Great Reasons To Have Your Reception On A Farm

A wedding day is one of the most memorable occasions that many people experience in their entire lives. Coming together with a special person and devoting the rest of your life to that individual is truly something to be cherished and celebrated. As your own wedding day approaches, you are likely in the throes of intense planning. You have the ceremony venue all picked out and have lined up the band and photographer for the reception. The only question now is: Where will you actually have the reception? If you want to hold the "after-party" at a unique venue and have a great time in the process, a farm wedding reception venue is the way to go.

Bask In Open Spaces & Amazing Views

A big wedding reception requires lots of space. Everyone needs enough room to eat a delicious meal and dance the night away on a sprawling dance floor. Some traditional reception venues just aren't massive enough to support a large crowd. You can find all of the open spaces that you need by holding the event on a farm.

Farms are often spectacular places that are full of the untouched beauty of nature. The open sky and lush foliage provide the perfect backdrop as you share your first dance with the one you love. The pictures that you take with your new spouse and wedding party are sure to be grand because the natural setting gives you all the views you need to create gorgeous images.

Fresh Food Is Best

Some farm wedding reception venues also offer catering services. All of the food you need for the occasion can be taken directly from the resources that are right there on the premises. 

Rich cuts of meat and fresh cream for after-dinner coffee are sure to delight your guests. The menu can be as expansive as you would like it to be, and you may even be able to select delicacies that you would never be able to find anywhere else. The food could turn out to be the highlight of the entire bash simply because your guests have never been able to eat directly from a farm-to-table eatery.

Plan a wedding reception that is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Find a local farm, and call them up or stop by to find out if they are willing to rent out the venue for your big day.