How To Choose A Wedding Venue Wisely

Picking the right wedding venue can make a huge difference in how your big day will turn out. Unfortunately, a lot of couples tend to only look at how pretty a location is. There are many other factors to consider, so let's take a look at four of the most important ones.


Jamming your wedding into a schedule you don't like is a bad idea. If a spot is in high demand, it's worth asking whether you might be able to get similar results from a different place. A tight schedule can present a problem when making arrangements with entertainers, caterers, and other people who'll help make your wedding day amazing. When in doubt, choose a wedding venue that facilitates getting the best people to help with your wedding.

Location, Location, Location

The availability of specific useful things, such as airports and hotels around the venue, is also important. A wedding ceremony should be a celebration for the couple, their families and their guests. Difficult locations, especially ones that demand long flights and car rides, can make the proceedings a bit of drag.

Everybody should be refreshed and ready to dance at the reception, and they should also be able to easily able to get to a hotel safely if they've had too much to drink. To that end, choose a location near hotels that offer a shuttle service.

Backup Options

Particularly when using an outdoor wedding venue, it's wise to make sure there's a backup option at the site. Even if a wedding is taking place in the nicest and driest place on Earth, it only takes a stray shower or a heat wave to spoil it. The location should have structures on-site that will allow you to quickly resituate your ceremony depending on the weather.


Aiming to have the biggest and most fabulous wedding may be fun, but budgets can get crazy pretty quickly. If you end up overpaying for a venue, your wedding ceremony may suffer in other areas, such as decorations and flowers. That isn't to say that a venue can't be worth it, though. The important thing is to consider whether the venue is beautiful enough to look great on its own if you have to cut back on decorations.

Know your guest list, too. Laying out a clear guest list early in the process will help you pick a venue and stay within a budget.

For more information on your wedding venue options, contact a wedding planner.