4 Things To Consider When Planning A Snowy Winter Wedding

First, you need to choose an easy to access location. If you are getting married somewhere where snow is common in the winter time, make sure that the destination you choose has roads that are plowed when it snows by the local governing body or by the property owners.

For example, a wedding out on a remote ranch can be beautiful, but if your guests can't get there because the roads are not plowed, that is probably not a great location for a winter wedding.

If the roads to the wedding destination may be dangerous or tricky for guests to navigate, consider providing shuttles. For example, you could have guests gather and park in a nearby town and provide shuttles to the vineyard that is up some steep winding roads where you want to hold your wedding.

Avoid The Holidays

Be aware of all the major winter holidays and avoid celebrating on the same day. Although getting married on Christmas or New Year's may sound like a great idea, keep in mind those are holidays, and many people have time-honored traditions they like to do on those days. If you go for a holiday wedding, be aware that your wedding may be on the smaller side.

If you want everyone to be able to make it, make sure you avoid scheduling your wedding on a major winter holiday. If you have friends from different religious backgrounds than your own, find out when their winter holidays are, and avoid those dates if you really want those individuals at your wedding.

Provide Warm & Cozy Comfort Food

Next, when it is cold outside, people enjoy eating warm and cozy comfort food. A dinner where a big salad is the focus is better for a summer or spring wedding. Serve some food that will fill everyone up and make everyone feel warm.

For example, eating soup often makes people feel more warm and cozy, and eating some mash potatoes and gravy does the same.

Keep Everyone Warm

Make sure you keep everyone warm. When renting the venue, be sure to ask about who will control the heating and be willing to pay extra to heat the event space up to a degree that will make everyone comfortable. You don't want a reception where everyone is keeping their coats on and can't get comfortable because it is too cold.

You may also want to fill a basket or two with some throw blankets. If you have elderly relatives, for example, they may appreciate having a throw blanket to put over themselves as they may not move around as much as younger wedding guests.

If you will be holding the wedding ceremony outside, make sure that your guests know so that they can dress appropriately. Also, consider adding shawls and other warm accessories to the bridesmaid outfits to ensure that everyone is comfortable during your ceremony.

Embrace Seasonal Decorations

Finally, take this chance to embrace seasonal decorations as you engage in wedding planning. Incorporate pine cones, garlands, holiday lights, and winter flowers into your decorations. It will be easier to purchase decorations and save on your decorations when you go with ones that are in season.