3 Out-Of-The-Banquet-Hall Venue Options For Your Rustic Wedding

From finding the perfect dress and designing the invitation and catering menu, it is easy to see how the wedding planning process can be overwhelming. If you are one of the many brides who are opting for a rustic theme, complete with reclaimed wood, casual décor, and candlelight, finding a venue that complements this style can be even more challenging. While sufficient, a banquet hall does not align perfectly with a rustic theme. Therefore, you will need to think outside the box if you want a memorable wedding reception. Here are a few unique venue ideas to consider for your rustic wedding.


Many couples are choosing to have their wedding ceremony, reception, or both inside a barn. Of course, this may require a bit of research or travel to find a suitable barn that rents out the venue for events.

A barn offers many benefits that may surprise you. In most cases, barns are spacious, allowing you to plan a large event that will accommodate many guests. Barns can also be decorated easily. Incorporating chairs and tables for seating and dining along with flowers and lighting can create an extraordinary venue for your rustic wedding.

In addition, the barn will provide shelter, which is important if you are having an evening wedding or if rain, sleet, or snow starts unexpectedly.


If you prefer a venue that allows you and your guests to be outdoors, consider having it on a local farm.

One of the greatest benefits of ceremony and reception on a farm is the photo opportunities. Farms offer a wide and open look and feel with plants, greenery, and the horizon between the ground and the sky. This provides a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

To accommodate guests, chairs and tables will need to be brought in. Also, you may need to rent portable bathrooms for you and your guests. However, a farm does allow you the chance to enhance your rustic theme with just a bit of effort on your part.

Historical Building

Another out-of-the-banquet-hall venue option to consider for your rustic wedding is a historical building. If you live in a larger city, you will most likely have many options.

Contact your city government to learn about the options available, which may include historical homes and mansions, government buildings, museums, old churches, and even libraries.

Although there may be many rules you will need to follow, historical buildings allow you to incorporate some vintage appeal into your rustic wedding.

From a barn and farm to a historical building suited for a governor, the options are endless when you are planning the rustic wedding of your dreams. Contact a venue, like Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa, for more help.