Bridal Gowns: Joining The Trend Of "Trash That Dress" And Still Have A Keepsake

A bizarre new trend in the world of bridal gowns has brides completely trash their wedding dresses. Since your wedding gown is probably the most expensive dress you will ever buy and/or wear, it gives you pause as to why anyone would do this. Sometimes it is fun, and sometimes it helps blow off steam from all of the stressful wedding preparations. Other brides do it so that if any careless wedding attendee spills food or alcohol on them, the brides will not have to sit and mourn the damage of their gowns. If you think you would like to participate in this trend, but you still want to keep your wedding dress as a keepsake, here is how you can follow this trend and still save your dress.

Buy TWO Dresses

This may seem like an exorbitant expense, but there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. First, select the dress you want to wear through your ceremony and most of your wedding pictures. This is your really expensive bridal gown that you want to keep forever. Then select a really cheap gown ($100 or less) that you can utterly trash and not worry about. You can have some photos taken of you in the cheap dress, and even some photos of you beginning to trash the cheap dress.

How, When and Where to Change Dresses

Next, wear the keepsake/expensive dress to get married. Wear it through the entire ceremony, wear it through your pictures and the exiting of the guests and greeting guests at the church or outdoor chapel. If you are going "bar-hopping" or "tavern-touring" with the wedding party before arriving at the reception hall, change out of your ceremony dress and into your "trash" dress. You can do this either at the church or at your first tavern/bar stop. Your bridesmaids can help. Be sure to take the storage bag for your perfect dress with you so that that dress can be safely tucked away and protected until you get to the reception hall.

Trash Your Cheap Dress As Much as You Want

Now you can trash the cheap dress as much as you want. Spill beverages on it, drop food on it, walk on the beach, drag the dress in the waves or in the sand, lie on the beach in your dress, etc. Whatever you want to do to it, however you trash it, it is okay. If you try to keep it nice and it accidentally gets trashed, that is okay too.

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