Having His Cake And Eating It Too — A Quick Guide To Groom's Cakes

Just about any bride has spent at least some time planning what the wedding cake will look and taste like. But, what about the other wedding cake? This is a groom's cake. Not sure what that is or if you need to be shopping for one? Here's a quick primer to this fun addition to any wedding week.

What Is It? And Where Did It Come From?

A groom's cake actually has roots in Victorian England, where it was tradition to have more wedding cakes than are presented today. There was often a cake for the guests, a cake for the bride and her attendants, and a cake for the groom and his groomsmen. While this tradition made its way to the U.S. and can be found in modern weddings around the country, it's most popular in the southern regions.

What Does It Look Like?

The groom's cake is not a traditional wedding cake in appearance or flavor. It's usually a fun reflection of the groom's unique personality. As such, it is often designed in the shape of sports team logos or mascots, favorite sports paraphernalia, or his hobbies. It can be as fun and wild as the bride and groom are, or it can be more serious in tone.

The filling of groom's cakes in Victorian times was usually fruitcake, so modern bakers often reflect this with a dark cake featuring fruits and candy glazes. If your man doesn't like cakes, you can work with your baker to make a faux "cake" of other sweets, such as donuts, cookies, flapjacks, or cupcakes.

What Do You Do With It?

You can make the groom's cake any part of the wedding festivities that suits you. A bride may want to surprise the groom with his special cake during the reception, taking the time to do a special "presentation" of the cake and making a bit of fuss over the object of her love. Or, you can choose to simply display it at the reception on its own and separate from the main cake (a private display if the groom's cake is a little naughty). Many modern couples present the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner, which solves the problem of what to do with a cake that's very different in style than the wedding decorations.

Whether you want to make it part of the main reception or a private bit of fun for a select few, the addition of a groom's cake is a great chance to celebrate the man in your life and make him feel that it's his special day too.