Tips To Keep Your Vegas Wedding Speedy AND Memorable

When people think of Vegas weddings, they often think of ceremonies led by Elvis impersonators or people getting married on roller coasters. While those are certainly part of what makes the city so popular – and Vegas is never short of unique ways to tie the knot – it's the ease of getting married in Las Vegas that's made it the Marriage Capital of the World. 

If you've decided to get married and you want to do it right away, Las Vegas is a great choice. Here are some tips for having a speedy wedding that's still a memorable one.

Stream To Guests

One of the disadvantages of a sudden wedding is the guests who can't make it on short notice – or no notice at all. But today, many wedding chapels are set up for streaming video. If you've got friends or family who can't make it to the ceremony, they can watch it live over the Internet. Whether you're streaming to just a few loved ones or all your friends, your guest list won't have to be limited to people with the time or money to travel.

Videotape The Ceremony

If you're streaming your wedding ceremony, it's very simple to record it as well. But even if you're not streaming, you should still consider having your ceremony recorded. Whether you save a single camera feed or have a professional videographer put together a movie of your ceremony, having a recording means that you'll always have something to look back on. It also gives you something to share with friends and family who couldn't be at the ceremony or who couldn't watch it streamed.

Use An Inclusive Chapel

Wedding chapels in Las Vegas (check out this weblink for more information) have a lot of experience putting together weddings quickly. There's no need to run around planning things yourself, talking to a caterer, finding a florist, and choosing decorations; instead, find a chapel that can put together the complete package for you. They're likely to already have plenty of decorations to choose from as well as relationships with local businesses, from DJs to dress and tuxedo rental services. Many wedding chapels have theme wedding packages available as well, making it easy to put together a memorable ceremony.

Whether your speedy wedding is going to be simple or elaborate, whether you're having a reception or going straight to your honeymoon, you can save time and stress by putting the planning in expert hands.