3 Excellent Ways To Incorporate More Flowers Into Your Wedding

When decorating for a wedding, wedding flowers are an absolute must. They add beauty and color to your already gorgeous decorations and they are the perfect finishing touch. While you may have thought to use your flowers as centerpieces and in your bouquet, there are actually so many other amazing places to use your wedding flowers. This article will discuss 3 excellent ways to incorporate more flowers into your wedding.

On Your Cake

When you initially start brainstorming ideas for your wedding cake, you should definitely think about including flowers. A real flower on a cake adds more beauty to it than a fake flower ever could. You will simply need to let the person making your wedding cake know exactly what you want. The flowers that you choose for your wedding cake will be added fresh right before your wedding so that they are blooming and looking their best when all of your guests see your wedding cake. 

Around The Arch Where You Will Be Wed

Having an arch over the area where you are going to be married is a beautiful decor idea. However, adding some flowers to the arch is simply going to make it look even more beautiful than before. You can choose the flowers that match your wedding colors, as well as the flowers that are in season. You can have the flowers fill the entire arch, giving it a look that it is made completely from flowers, or you can simply intersperse flowers throughout the arch to add pops of color and beauty. Both will look beautiful and will be a very eye catching display for all of your guests to see as they began to be seated for your wedding. 

On The Ends Of The Pews or Chairs

Another great location to incorporate flowers is on the end of each row of chairs or pews. You can attach the flower with a beautiful ribbon so that they look very elegant, just like the rest of your wedding decor. You could also attach a glass jar with the flowers in it to your pews or chairs, to create an even more unique look. These flowers can be gathered into gorgeous bouquets that incorporate a variety of flowers and other plants. As the guests are seated, and as you walk down the aisle, these flowers will be noticed and appreciated by all who are in attendance.