Plan A Memorable Wedding Reception That Won't Break The Bank

Plan a memorable wedding reception in your yard without spending exorbitant amounts of money. Rent a small event tent to accommodate you and your guests. With a few added features, your get together will be one that people look back on fondly.

Dance Floor

Rent a piece of flooring to set up inside of your tent. Wedding and party rental companies offer floors that are made out of durable materials and that are able to support a large amount of weight. Guests will enjoy being able to let loose on the floor while showing others all of their moves. Instead of hiring a DJ, have one of your guests play music. A small stereo system will sound good as long as you have a couple decent speakers.

Purchase paper lanterns and place different colored LED lights in each one. Hang them over the floor. Hold dance contests and award the best dancers with small gifts.

Bar And Food Equipment

Treat your guests like kings and queens by having the right type of equipment to serve food and drinks. Rental companies often offer tables and chairs for a discounted price if they are reserved with your tent rental. Make covers for the tables with pieces of fabric purchased from a discount craft store.

Purchase your own beverages and food and have your family and close friends help prepare all of the items that you are going to be serving. Assign one food or drink item for each person to prepare. Breaking up the job responsibilities will save you valuable time and money. Seek donations from anyone who you are close to.

Bathroom Facilities

Create a private area for your guests to relieve themselves by adding a partition inside of the tent. You can use a decorative screen or fabric curtain. Anchor the partition to the sides of the tent with bungee cords. Rent a portable restroom to set up behind the partition. Guests will appreciate having a secluded area to use and you won't have to worry about people traipsing in and out of your home.

Outdoor Lounge

Give your guests some extra space to relax by creating an outdoor lounge. Set up some small tables with umbrellas over them. Have one of your family members tend to their needs by serving them drinks and snacks. Guests will be able to unwind if they are tired of hearing loud music and want to breathe some fresh air. They can enjoy having conversations with their friends and loved ones.

By cutting corners, using the resource you already have, and seeking help from friends and family, your reception will be an enjoyable and successful event.